New project: Supporting Professionals and Academics for Community Engagement in Higher Education (SPACE)


A new project entitled Supporting Professionals and Academics for Community Engagement in Higher Education (SPACE) has been awarded funding under the Erasmus+ Key Action 2, Cooperation partnerships and was officially launched on 1 November 2023.


As a follow-up to the successful European projects ‘TEFCE’ and ‘SHEFCE’, the SPACE project aims to build the capacities of academics, professional staff, and community partners to strengthen community engagement in higher education across Europe. The project is led by the Institute for the Development of Education (Croatia) and involves 9 partners from 4 countries (Belgium, Croatia, Ireland and Spain). The project is supported by associate partners at the European level (EURASHE, ESU and European university alliances

EUTOPIA and UNIC), as well as by university networks ACUP (Association of Catalan Public Universities) and Campus Engage (Irish Universities Association).

The SPACE project has three specific objectives:

  1. To incorporate new methods and approaches to community engagement in academic practices at four universities.
  2. To improve policies and practices of universities to establish sustainable and mutually beneficial community engagement partnerships.
  3. To increase support from universities and stakeholders around Europe for mainstreaming community engagement in higher education.

Further information about the project can be found in the project summary.

The SPACE project will last from November 2023 to October 2026, and is funded by the Erasmus+ programme with an overall budget of 400,000 EUR.

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