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University training program for people over 50 years of age

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The Josep Torrellas program embraces the concept of “lifelong learning” and recognizes the significance of education as a transformative process for individuals. It emphasizes the importance of protecting, expanding, and facilitating access to education for all citizens. To this end, the program seeks to provide new avenues for individuals over the age of 50 to engage in university studies, offering training itineraries related to various specialties available at the Faculties and Schools of the UdG.

Unlike formal degree programs, the primary goal of this initiative is to create a space for knowledge, reflection, and intergenerational dialogue for individuals over 50, without the sole focus being on professional reasons. The Josep Torrellas University Studies Program for People Over 50 aims to cater to those with academic curiosity, the desire for personal enrichment, the need to enhance professional experiences, or the aspiration to update and refresh knowledge.

The program encompasses several objectives, including promoting intra/intergenerational relationships, providing multidisciplinary university training to foster autonomous learning, disseminating, expanding, updating, and recycling knowledge and culture among this group of individuals, opening up diverse options for an active life beyond work contexts, fostering personal development in individuals over 50 through lifelong learning, highlighting the connection between learning and well-being, and ensuring access to university training for the entire population, with particular focus on the target group of the program.

To encourage various avenues for continuing education, the program supports university extension classrooms, organizes annual seminars called “Update” for specialized university training, offers different specific training courses organized each academic year by the Unit of Social Commitment, and provides opportunities for participation in volunteer programs with social organizations and other institutions in the Girona region, collaborating closely with the University.

The Social Commitment Unit and teaching centers of the Universitat de Girona work in coordination to oversee and implement this initiative, ensuring its effective execution and alignment with the program’s objectives.


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