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GAMAR (Office for Materials and Research in Schools Mathematics)

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The GAMAR initiative serves as a platform for reflection and practical implementation of mathematics teaching in early childhood, primary, and the first cycle of secondary education.

GAMAR aims to be inclusive and accessible to all teachers, aspiring to be a central meeting point and a go-to resource for mathematics education in schools.

The primary objective is to ensure that every child enjoys a rich mathematics learning experience that is deeply connected to their own experiences, nurturing their intuition, reasoning abilities, and creativity.

GAMAR provides teachers with a diverse range of manipulative materials, teaching guidelines, and classroom resources, empowering them to directly access even more comprehensive information beyond what can be summarized on the website.

The initiative encourages nursery, primary, and secondary schools to adopt a genuine mathematics education approach based on interest, experimentation, and discovery, moving away from outdated teaching routines that still persist today.

Additionally, GAMAR welcomes teachers and educators seeking advice, opportunities to exchange experiences regarding material usage, or access to specific resources they require.

Established in 2001 through the Jaume Vicens Vives Prize for University Teaching, funded by the Government of Catalonia, the initiative was founded by Dr. M. Antònia Canals, a professor emeritus at the Universitat de Girona.

Recognized by the UdG from its inception, GAMAR obtained its legal status in 2004, undergoing various forms of development before being formally approved on July 19, 2010, as a recognized “structure.”


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Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics