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KU Leuven Engage is a community of engaged students, researchers, staff members and partners of KU Leuven who, through active commitment, strive to assume their social responsibility for, together with and starting from individuals and groups in vulnerable situations.

KU Leuven Engage aims, on the basis of academic excellence and inspired by a Christian human and world view, at social innovation and impact within the (Association) KU Leuven and in the wider community here and beyond.
KU Leuven Engage therefore aims to fulfil the university’s most important mission: to put its knowledge at the service of people and society, with specific consideration for the most vulnerable. KU Leuven Engage responds to pressing social needs and stands shoulder to shoulder with groups and individuals who are threatened with exclusion or limited opportunities.

KU Leuven Engage ascribes to KU Leuven’s vision on education and learning, more specifically the ambition to contribute, from research-based teaching, to the personal development and social orientation of its students. To bring this about, KU Leuven Engage stimulates experiential learning, in and alongside the curriculum (via Service-learning. Science Shops, Volunteering and KOTengage: see below), to encourage students to actively engage within and outside the university, in Flanders and beyond.


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