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Polytechnic Board of the Universitat de Girona

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The Polytechnic Board of the Universitat de Girona is actively involved in studying, disseminating, participating in, and collaborating on various tasks and activities carried out by the Polytechnic School. Its primary focus is on promoting initiatives and services that enhance the competitiveness of companies in the region through a strong relationship between the university and the business community.

The board serves as a vital link between the university and different public and private sectors in the Girona region. It engages in three main types of activities:

1. Initiatives directly linked to the Polytechnic School: The board supports and promotes various initiatives that directly contribute to the growth and development of the school. These activities aim to enhance the educational and research offerings of the school, creating an environment conducive to innovation and excellence.

2. Activities exclusively for companies in the university’s sphere of influence: The board organizes specific activities and services targeted exclusively at companies within the influence area of the Universitat de Girona. These initiatives provide valuable resources, networking opportunities, and support tailored to meet the needs of local businesses and sponsors.

3. Collaborative activities involving the School and the regional business community: The board facilitates collaborative initiatives that bring together members of the Polytechnic School and the business world in the region. These activities foster mutual exchange, knowledge sharing, and joint efforts to address common challenges and explore new opportunities.

Through its multifaceted approach, the Polytechnic Board actively contributes to the growth and success of both the Polytechnic School and the regional business ecosystem, strengthening the relationship between academia and industry in the Girona area.


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