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Science Fair

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The Science Fair is an educational and scientific event that aims to promote scientific knowledge among Primary Education and Early Years Education students. It provides an opportunity for students to showcase their research proposals and engage in scientific activities.

The primary goal of the Science Fair is to introduce students to the scientific process, including the various phases of research and the formulation of research questions. This initiative plays a crucial role in fostering scientific curiosity among students.

The fair integrates learning activities into the curriculum of the “Experimental Sciences 1” and “Experimentation, Manipulation, and Play” subjects, which are part of the Bachelor’s degrees in Primary School Education and Early Years Education. These activities involve designing, executing, and evaluating science workshops specifically designed for schoolchildren. These workshops are offered to schools on the day of the Science Fair.

The Science Fair is organized by a committee comprising several entities: the Girona City Council’s educational services handle the registration and overall organization, the Girona County Pedagogical Resource Centre provides financial and logistical support, the La Caixa Foundation offers economic and logistical assistance, the Chair of Scientific Culture and Digital Communication of the UdG contributes workshop offerings, and the Faculty of Education and Psychology of the UdG provides workshop offerings, website maintenance, and economic and logistical support.
The Science Fair attracts participation from over a thousand schoolchildren from Girona and approximately 180 students pursuing degrees in Education.


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