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UdG Education Week

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The “UdG Education Week” focused on education is an enriching and highly anticipated gathering for the students in the Faculty of Education and Psychology of the Universitat de Girona. The event is also open to the wider community. Spanning four days, it offers a diverse range of conferences and workshops that delve into various aspects of education.

This event attracts a wide audience, including students, active teachers, parents, and other interested groups, all seeking to enhance their understanding and skills in the field of education. Participants have the opportunity to engage with renowned experts and thought leaders who share their insights and experiences.

The conferences cover a broad spectrum of educational topics, such as pedagogy, curriculum development, educational technology, classroom management, inclusive education, and more. These sessions provide a platform for exploring current trends, research findings, and innovative practices in education.

In addition to the conferences, interactive workshops are organized to foster hands-on learning experiences. These workshops allow participants to actively engage in practical activities, collaborative discussions, and skill-building exercises. Attendees can explore new teaching methodologies, instructional strategies, and assessment techniques, gaining valuable tools to implement in their own educational practices.

The annual training event organized by the Associació d’Estudiants dels Estudis de Mestre (ASEM UdG) has become a cornerstone of the community’s educational calendar. It serves as a platform for continuous learning, growth, and collaboration, ultimately contributing to the overall advancement of education in the region.


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